Tea Aroma, Tea Zen, and Taiwan Teaism 

A cup of pleasant fragrance tea reveals the tradition of well-known Formosa tea history. 

Brew a pot of tea elegantly and enjoy the tea zest with each sip.  

Leave the city for a while. 

Meditating the Zen between the tea and the atmosphere, you will gradually feel the physical and mental balance in your body guided by Taiwan Teaism. 

We visited tea farmers and witnessed tea making processes such as manual fermentation (oxidization), heating, drying, and shaping tea leaves by pressing and squeezing. 

Taiwan Teas -

Taipei - Pinglin Wenshan Pouchong Oolong Tea 
Taipei - Muzha Tieguanyin Ooolong Tea 
North Taiwan - Hsinchu Beipu Baihao Silver Needle Oolong Tea 
North Taiwan - Yilan SiYuan Wind Gap Charcoal Roasted Amber Oolong Tea 
Central Taiwan - Lugu Dongding oolong Tea 
Central Taiwan - Zhangshuhu Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea