“ The swallow delivered the voice from the heaven.

   She descended and gave birth to the earliest ancestor,

   Settling down on the extensive land of Shang Dynasty*.”

   《The Book of Odes and Hymns/ Songs of Shang Dynasty/ The Swallow》

The Chinese culture has long been obsessed with the romantic idea of flying in the air. Such imagination originated from the blue sky. Birds became the iconic totem of ancient clans and played a significant role in myths and folktales. They are said to be the origin of human beings and to forecast augury. They represent royal families and the upper class. They witness the immortality of love. Over thousands of years, they open wings dancing in the collective memory of generations.

Since 2017, we have invited diversified feathered creatures to our aviary. They are colorful, vibrant, and they jump around with exuberance. The birds flap their wings and sing cheerfully as the wind blows and the leaves flutter. They sing on and on in the trees and in the fields. For dear guests who visit Formosa Pearl, why not stay for a while and listen to the legends or unnamed stories flying in the wind?

*Shang Dynasty is believed to be one of the earliest dynasty in Chinese history supported by archaeological evidence.